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dfuzed first came together as one in the late spring of 2001.  The band consists of four members.

Chris Dunnam/ Vocals

Josh Davis/ Guitar

Scott Jackson/ Bass

Cody Fennell/ Drums

All from the Ashford, Alabama area, the band became one and started to pursue their dreams; to create their own music.  Together, the band created a collection of adrenaline rushed songs laced with reverbal guitar tone to soften the rough edges.

    The next step was to grasp ears, and the fan base would shortly follow.  For the next two years, they played club after club, show after show.  An opportunity to play did not get passed up.  After two years, that band fount that they were one of Southeast Alabamas top upcoming bands.  An occasional opening act for Superkala Recording Artist, Cloud Ten , and Elektra Recording Artist, SOCIALBURN, sent the dfuzed fan base spinning to a new level.

    Now the band was ready to enter into the next level of the music industry.  However, the band was still incomplete and questions began to arise within; questions about life and their meaning in this life.  Their had to be a better way.  Needless to say they found that their meaning was to play a new song, a song to uplift life, God, and our purpose on Earth.

    Surrendering their lives to God and goodness, dfuzed gave up the past two years and all that they had obtained by playing clubs; including a few fans.  Now the band is complete and many have followed them on their new journey in life.  The band is now pursuing their new goal in life; to find closeness with God and spread the word of love.



The goal of dfuzed is to reach out into the world and save all of the lost souls who have given up on their salvation because they believe that the mistakes that they have made in their lives deam them unworthy of Gods love.


For more info email dfuzedpm@yahoo.com