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 One of the most unique qualities of dfuzed is the testimonies of each band member.  I invite you to take a look, so that you may know each band member a little bit better.

 Chris Dunnam (Singer)

I was born a preachers kid, but by the age of 16 I fell deep into darkness. I lived a life full of drugs and alcohol.  For seven years I lived this shattered life. Then I fount my way back home, to Jesus.  Now, I have dedicated my life to serving him.

Scott Jackson (Bass)

I was born into a broken home. As I grew up, I found myself drifting into a life of drugs and drinking.  All throughout my teenage years, I drifted deeper into darkness.  Until I decided I had to do something.  With the help of the man upstairs, I turned my life around and fount a happiness that is so great that I have to share it with everyone so that they can share the joy and feel as full as I do. 

Cody Fennell (Drums)

I grew up in the Episcopal Church, but later became a Methodist.  I think that God has given me a talent and I want to lift him up through our music. God Bless!

 Josh Davis (Guitar)

I grew up in a Baptist church with my grandmother.  I fell away from Jesus when I moved to California.  Now I am back rocking for the Lord now.  He gave me a talent, so I am using it to uplift him.  I want everyone to know, if you start feeling down just keep the faith. Jesus will help you through it.